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Wilderness personified

This piece of wild cherry called to me from a logging trail near Boone, NC. To say it was distressed puts it mildly. It had been repeatedly driven over by logging equipment, yet its innate qualities shown through the abuse and the mud.

As with so much of my work, especially my “natural sculptures,” it is about the possibilities that are all around us. And, to me, there was something definitely “in there.” So, I took it home, cleaned it up, wracked it back into original shape and used clamps and epoxy glue to secure it. Then, using ebony dust mixed in with epoxy cement, I filled the voids and cracks before I sculpted the piece.

About the title…if I have to explain, you didn’t really look at it. Ironically, the wood originally comes from North Carolina, I created the piece while living in Columbus, OH, and currently, it resides where the sound of coyotes is a frequent serenade – Santa Fe, NM.

Call of the Wild
1′-5″ h, 1′-0″ w, 6″ dia
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