Firth of Forth



9″ H, 10″ Dia.


In honor of my Mother

Firth of Forth is named in honor of my Mother, Agnes Turnbul Wood Pollitt, who was born in Scotland not far from Firth of Forth.

Each piece presents its own unique challenge – plus an additional challenge or two that I intentionally introduce to stretch my creativity and the casting process.

Colliding Spirals

With Firth, I created a through-and-through penetration down from the top and a line that spirals. It also has lines that collide, and, for the foundry, I created the significant undercut. Tunneling in any medium is a difficult and challenging proposition. I used a wood boring bit with an electric drill and quickly learned that I must go very slowly or the frictional heat of the drill melts the wax – and then fuses the drill in place. Fun!

Just as I completed this piece, my Mom passed away. When my sister, Cathy, learned I had dedicated the piece to our Mom, and heard the name, she decided Firth needed to remain in the family. So she added it to her extensive collection of my wood art. Thank you, Cath.

Creating this piece

Wax sculpture, glass from foundry, finished work