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Life after Life

Sculpted from a weathered piece of red oak that I found on my property in Madison County, NC, the parent tree had been cut for timber many years prior. This remaining hunk was all that was salvageable from the trunk. In its natural state, it actually grew with the pointy bits down which were part of the root structure. (Not as pictured here.)

Initially, I saw this work as a tabletop sculpture (thus the photo angle). I do not even remember its original name since the day Gaye picked it up, held it against the wall and asked,”What do you see?” I saw a horizontal piece being held vertically! Great imagination, yes?

To make matters worse, when Gaye suggested that its new name be Georgia, I still didn’t “get” the association with the desert art period of animal skulls and bones that Georgia O’Keefe used as inspiration for many beautiful paintings.

But, like O’Keefe, I, too, see the form as a symbol of life after life. And thus welcomed the new title in her honor.

2′-2″ h, 1′-8″ w, 8″ d
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