New Work

New glass art work

My output each year is usually only 8 sculptures.  So unveiling a new glass art piece to you here is pretty exciting for me. Below, I’ve written a little bit about the piece next to a thumbnail image.  If you’d like to know more, just click on the title or image and you will be whisked away to two larger images and a description of my creative process for that particular sculpture.  People tell me they enjoy knowing what goes on in my head while I work.  It’s not always easy to explain, but I do my best.

  • Bashert
    Harry Pollitt's latest sculpture is aptly named, Bashert. Improbable events and unexpected results surround the story of this kiln cast glass sculpture. ...
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  • Capricious
    It's an oxymoron - this movement-driven glass sculpture created in vaporous cobalt blue by Harry Pollitt. Pushing technical bounds with deep excavations and...
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  • Pinnacle
    Lots of descriptors fit my newest cast glass sculpture...cantilevered, precarious, a challenge, jade green. What it cannot call itself is "meant to be."...
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  • Blue Pyro
    Blue Pyro
    This is the first public appearance of my piece, Blue Pryo. Sold before leaving my studio. Come read the story of why...
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  • Coriolis
    In the emerging stages, my first cast glass wall sculpture was a whole new process for me. In wood, a wall sculpture is...
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  • Enigma
    Some months back, I stumbled upon a long forgotten, unfinished wood sculpture. I had abandoned it because I had excavated it so much...
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  • Sentinel
    I'm continually inspired by re-thinking (and thus always eager to try variations of) my own work. My #27 kiln-cast piece is an open...
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  • Fluid Dynamics
    Fluid Dynamics
    Fluid Dynamics: Over a year in the making and a real envelope-pusher for the foundry. Given degree of difficulty, this piece may...
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And sneak preview of  my work(s) currently in progress…

For staged progress photos and some insight into my creative intentions for these pieces, visit my works in progress page.



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Contacting Harry

I'm mostly here, sometimes there. I get around to galleries, shows and events, SOFA hopefully always, and enough international travel to keep a smile on my face. But you can always reach me! Question? Price Inquiry? Studio Visit?
Try these:

Webmail: Go to our form.
Phone: +1 505-795-8937


Whether you are an avid collector of glass or wood ... or just love sculpture, I am pleased you are here. I invite your reactions to and impressions of my work. And, if a piece calls to you, please be in touch.

Contact: Go to our form.
Phone: +1 505-795-8937