Pollitt glass sculptures at SOFA Chicago 2016

Adam Blaue Gallery  presents Pollitt glass sculptures


Ethereal luminosity in motion. A glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt debuting at SOFA CHICAGO 2016.
CAPRICIOUS: 19″ h, 11″ w, 9″ d cast in Pale Cobalt Blue

Cheri Discenzo, Gallery Director of Adam Blaue Gallery, Cleveland, offered me a seamless opportunity to show Pollitt glass sculptures at SOFA Chicago again this year.  And I accepted!  I’m very pleased.

It’s a fabulous launch pad for my newest piece, Capricious.  By new, we’re talking off my work bench within the last two weeks!

Also appearing at SOFA will be Red Shift and Enigma. [clear]

Red Shift by Harry Pollitt in yellow-amber glass that does dramatic color shifts depending on the thickness.
RED SHIFT: 15″ h, 8″ dia. cast in Yellow-Amber
Enigma to be included as Adam Blaue Gallery presents Pollitt glass sculptures at SOFA CHICAGO.
ENIGMA: 20″ h, 11″ w, 10″ d cast in Cobalt Blue

Kick off to new, ongoing representation

In addition, Cheri extended an invitation for ongoing representation with her new gallery venture.

As stated on the Adam Blaue Gallery website “With three decades of experience, they present a curated selection of established and emerging international artists at major art fairs and online.”

As most of my collectors and website readers know, Thomas Reilly retired from the art gallery world last year.  Cheri was gallery manager for Thomas R. Riley Galleries all five years of my association with this fine, professional organization.  Tom debuted my glass sculptures at SOFA Chicago 2011 – an honor for which I’ll be forever grateful.  I’m pleased to now continue working with Cheri, a true professional, knowledgeable manager and all-round nice person.  So, here’s to the next chapter!

SOFA Chicago 2016

Come see us.  SOFA Chicago runs from Opening Night, November 3rd, through Sunday, November 6th at the Navy Pier.  If you’ve never been, you cannot imagine the art, the scene and the energy!


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