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My wood art .... collected

I like sharing details of my collected wood pieces.  They help show how my work has changed over the years.  And how it has remained the same.  How the wood art evolved into abstract wall sculptures.  How my turned pieces grew into turned & sculpted.

If you would like to get into the real nitty gritty and learn more about my ‘no steaming and no bending’ process, I invite you to visit Creating Wood Art.

Collected Contemporary Wood Sculptures

New Wave

New Wave : This piece insisted on showing off soft lines and wide broad surfaces of its grain and texture.New Wave | 12” …
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Turned and sculpted Cherry Burl Amphora Turned, then sculpted in cherry burl, I found the raw piece on a waste pile of a logging project near Boone, …
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Pompeii and Raven’s Peace

Pompeii : The shape of the “blank” and the character of the wood significantly dictated its final form. I burned nothing. The piece accomplished that …
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Ra : Ancient vessels that were produced around the Mediterranean rim especially captivate me. Ra | 11″ h, 7″ diameter | Maple Burl …
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Enthusiastic expression from Rhododendron This piece is sculpted from a rhododendron root burl that had been bulldozed into a pile of waste wood on a clear-cut …
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Sea Ray

100 year old fish This piece of wormy chestnut is all that remained of a century old tree found on a forest floor in Madison County, …
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Splash Dance

Splash Dance : For an amorphous mass of maple burl, the question “Should I be a lathe-turned bowl or a sculpture?” remained unanswered for …
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A distressed curly white oak burl that is left both natural and half sculpted, and partially polished. The result allows a harmony of natural lines, color, grain and defects.

The Phoenix

Bringing new life I found this piece of distressed curly white oak burl being used as a wheel chock underneath a pickup truck on a logging …
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