SOFA 2014 Pollitt sculptures in both glass and wood

Announcing the sculptural works that are here at tonight’s Opening and through the weekend – Nov 6th – 9th.

Enigma, Midnight Moves, Red Shift, Morph VI in black cherry wood, and Ode to Morph. 

Enigma, part of SOFA 2104 Pollitt sculptures, in cobalt blue glass


Midnight Moves, glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt at SOFA 2014

Midnight Moves

Solid core cast glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt in Yellow Amber reveals deep shadows.

Red Shift

Black Cherry wood sculpture, Morph VI, by Harry Pollitt featured at SOFA 2014

Morph VI

One of SOFA 2014 Pollitt sculptures in glass, Ode to Morph, inspired by his wood sculpture Morph VI

Ode to Morph

Morph VI, one of my first open design wood sculptures, was the inspiration for Ode to Morph.  I wanted to try that “curl over” in glass, suspending it in the center of the piece.  This Saturday, here in Chicago, I will present a lecture about my cross-over from wood to glass sculpture.  These two works are prime examples of that transition.


This is the 9th consecutive year my work has been represented at SOFA — in either Chicago, New York and/or Santa Fe. And it marks the second time sculptures I have created in both materials have been exhibited at SOFA in the same year.

I hope you will come visit us at the Thomas R. Riley Galleries’ space at Navy Pier over the next three days.  And please join me for my lecture Saturday (the 8th).  More information here.