Harry Pollitt - Bashert glass sculpture


Harry Pollitt’s latest sculpture is aptly named, Bashert. Improbable events and unexpected results surround the story of this kiln cast glass sculpture. The best explanation is that it was “meant to be.” Come read why.

T with ‘Tude

T with ‘Tude: I have done mostly vertical pieces in the past. A few pieces went horizontal like Morph II and Levitation. I am always searching for new expressions in my designs. So I thought about combining both vertical and horizontal for this piece…mostly horizontal to get the main element up off the surface.

1′-3″ h, 1’-8″ w, 10″ deep | Kiln cast crystal | Emerald Green | SOLD by Thomas R. Riley Galleries

Harry Pollitt - jade green Splash glass sculpture


Splash: My intention with this piece was to expose the inner core and draw the eye…from the outer structure…to the tight twists and turns…to the inner core…and swirl back out.


When this sculpture was still in wax form and nearly finished, collectors stopped by the studio. They fell in love with the horizontal layout and wanted to add it (finished, of course) to their most impressive glass collection. She chose the color and it was off to the foundry. The rest of the story was harrowing – but with a great ending.

Levitation | 11″ h, 1′-9″ w, 12″ d | Kiln cast crystal, Lime Green | SOLD

Harry Pollitt - jade green Classic Moves glass sculpture

Classic Moves

Classic Moves: Complex curves, planes, lines all complementing and in opposition to each other. All are elements of architecture & engineering. And, so, the structure is the design and the art is the structure.

Firth of Forth

Tunneling in any medium is a difficult and challenging proposition. I used a wood boring bit with an electric drill and quickly learned that I must go very slowly or the frictional heat of the drill melted the wax – and then fused the drill in place. Fun! The piece is named in honor of my Mother who was born in Scotland not far from Firth of Forth.

Firth of Forth | 9″ h, 10″ diameter | Kiln cast crystal | Jade Green | SOLD

Second First

My very first glass sculpture! The creation process was entirely unfamiliar to me…most especially sanding wax seemed perverse. The words sandpaper and wax simply do not belong together! My learning curve was bent backwards.

Second First | 8″ h, 5″ diameter | Kiln cast crystal | Lagoon Green | SOLD