Oceania, undulating, maple burl sculpture from bark-edge Maple by Harry Pollitt


Oceania: The creative process for this turned and sculpted piece was, not surprisingly, multi-stepped. I began by turning the rough exterior contour on a lathe and then drilling a 1 ¼” diameter hole into the top center.

Oceania | 5″ h, 8″ diameter | Bark-edge Maple Burl | Inquire.


I am humbled to have been commissioned and entrusted with this baptismal font project, blessed with the inspiration for its creation, and rewarded by the response of the donors, ministers and congregation to its grace, power & function.

Gabriella | 3′-2″ h, 2′-4″ w, 2′-6″ d | Russian Hard Maple, American Black Walnut , Hammered Copper Baptismal Bowl | Commissioned


Ra : Ancient vessels that were produced around the Mediterranean rim especially captivate me.

Ra | 11″ h, 7″ diameter | Maple Burl | Inquire.

Laughing Waters

Microbial Beauty While I was hiking in Hunterdon County, N.J., I spotted this piece of spalted maple on the forest floor. Spalting results in a trail of carbon left when microbial action begins the decaying process in many woods, especially maples. It appears as black or brown lines or patches. Spalted woods have long been …

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Splash Dance

Splash Dance : For an amorphous mass of maple burl, the question “Should I be a lathe-turned bowl or a sculpture?” remained unanswered for 15 years. Finally, the answer became “Yes.”

Splash Dance | 1’-7”h, 1’-3”w, 1’-0”d | Maple Stump Burl | SOLD