Harry Pollitt - jade green Pinnacle glass sculpture


Lots of descriptors fit my newest cast glass sculpture…cantilevered, precarious, a challenge, jade green. What it cannot call itself is “meant to be.” But six re-builds later, I call it pretty cool. Engineering disguised as aesthetics. And not easy to capture, so I’ll post a few extra photos shortly. Let me know what you think.

Blue Pyro

This is the first public appearance of my piece, Blue Pryo. Sold before leaving my studio. Come read the story of why I say this business of glass art design can be a precarious endeavor…and why I love it for that reason!

Harry Pollitt - cobalt blue Coriolis glass sculpture


In the emerging stages, my first cast glass wall sculpture was a whole new process for me. In wood, a wall sculpture is a familiar and enjoyable form. Yet, at first, it felt “weird” in wax. I had to become acclimated all over again to designing without the wood grain. There seemed now to be no point of beginning.

Coriolis| 1′-3″ h, 2′-6″ w, 1-1/4″ deep | Kiln cast crystal | Pale Cobalt Blue | Inquire

Pollitt joining Winterowd

My June participation in Winterowd Gallery’s invitational group sculptural glass show opened the way to full time representation by the gallery…in my hometown of Santa Fe, on Canyon Road. Read about Karla Winterowd and our new professional partnership.

Pollitt Pilchuck visit inspires reverence

Walking the grounds of Pilchuck recently, I thought about how some places have an energy, but this place has presence. You can absolutely feel it – the presence of the world’s best glass artists creating, collaborating, sharing and passing it on.

AACG Rising Star 2013 Update

Back in June this year, I was honored to be named a Rising Star 2013 by Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass (AACG). Gaye and I attended GlassWeekend2013 for the festivities. It was a great experience as a few of our photos show.

Traver Gallery event unveils New Work

Four of my newest glass sculptures will be exhibited for the first time at a Traver Gallery event in Seattle on Sept 18th…Fluid Dynamics, Escape Velocity, Ode to Morph and Splash. In all, Traver will show seven of my works that evening. It feels like a glass society “coming out party” to me!

Blue Tango dances into spotlight of Cleveland glass art collectors

It’s as if Blue Tango danced into this splendid spotlight and was captivated and captured. Our sincere appreciation to the Cleveland glass art collectors who loved my spiral glass sculpture enough to take it into their home and display it so dramatically. Additional thanks to the team at Thomas R. Riley Galleries for bringing us all together.

Harry Pollitt - pale copper blue Escape Velocity glass sculpture

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity : I say if I’m not a little bit scared, I’m not doing good work. Well, Escape Velocity had me scared. It wasn’t until I got the wax form down to 9 lbs that it started to “make it.” Somehow it’s the scary part that really drives me.

Escape Velocity: 1′-6″ h, 12″ dia | Kiln cast crystal | Pale Copper Blue | Inquire.

Pollitt glass sculptures, Saatchi Gallery Collect

Cascade and Shape Shifter, two of my glass sculptures, were in grand exhibition company in London on May 9 as part of the art glass ensemble Plateaux Gallery, Mayfair, presented at The Saatchi Gallery Collect, an innovative, international exhibition of contemporary art.

Harry Pollitt - Blue Tango glass sculpture

Blue Tango

SOLD. Blue Tango is my largest glass piece to date at 2′-2″ tall. During layout, I envisioned a schematic representation of dance… tall and slender with open dynamic upward movement. This spiral glass sculpture emerged.

Blue Tango | 2′-2″ tall | Kiln cast crystal | Cobalt Blue | SOLD by Thomas R. Riley Galleries