Other Hardwoods

Desert Bloom

Flowing out of the desert The wood for this piece comes from the stump of an unknown species of ornamental tree/bush that a friend gave me from his property in Clearwater, FL. Areas of the sculpture have purple hues. This a relatively uncommon result of mineral deposits in the soil. The three arms emanate from …

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Wind Swept

A re-birth Hiking near Ken Lockwood Gorge in Hunterdon County, N.J., I found this piece of tulip poplar that had been bent over significantly by a small tree that had fallen across it. Wind action on the two trees caused continual diagonal abrasion. Simultaneously, the poplar’s attempts to grow and heal itself produced both the …

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Escher Tide

Escher Tide : This wall sculpture is named in his honor and sculpted with the intention of capturing the essence of Escher’s work in three dimensions. Have fun with it!

Escher Tide | 2’-4” h, 1’-0” w, 2” diameter | Sisso | SOLD

Cliff Dwelling

The deep penetrations and shelves of this burl wood sculpture are my abstract interpretation of the cliff dwellings created by the American Southwest Anasazi Indians. Come see how well you think I did.
Cliff Dwelling | 1′-4″ h, 1’-7” w, 12″ diameter | Apple Stump Burl | Private Collection of Harry Pollitt


Confluence : This wall sculpture was my first attempt at creating a three dimensional piece of art depicting my instinctive design pattern.

Confluence | 2′-2″ h, 4′-5″ w | Teak | In the private collection of Harry Pollitt

Sea Ray

100 year old fish This piece of wormy chestnut is all that remained of a century old tree found on a forest floor in Madison County, North Carolina. Wormy chestnut is nearly extinct and so this piece is a commemoration to a dying breed. Chestnuts that are infested (fear not — the original inhabitants have …

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