Plateaux Gallery

Pollitt glass sculptures, Saatchi Gallery Collect

Cascade and Shape Shifter, two of my glass sculptures, were in grand exhibition company in London on May 9 as part of the art glass ensemble Plateaux Gallery, Mayfair, presented at The Saatchi Gallery Collect, an innovative, international exhibition of contemporary art.

Plateaux Gallery, London, representing Pollitt

My contemporary glass art is being intermingled by Plateaux Gallery, London, amongst the heritage table settings and elegant furnishings presented by Thomas Goode, Mayfair. And, by golly, it really works! Thanks to Leo Duval, gallery owner, for his vision and invitation to join Plateaux.

Vacation Time

On a personal note, Gaye and I are going on a much needed and deserved vacation.  We will make a short stop off to spend some time with Leo Duval, the owner of Plateaux Gallery, in Mayfair, London.  They began representing my work in 2011. Then on to Italy, traveling by train to visit Perugia, …

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