Red Cedar

First Born

First Born : Set aside for almost four years because the refinement and sanding process is a discipline I found lacking in those days!

First Born | 1’-11”h, 7” diameter | Aromatic Red Cedar | SOLD

Passages into the Void

Passages into the Void : When most artists talk about partnering with the work, this is what they mean. And this piece reminds me of that other dimension or realm. There are endless access points or routes to get from the outside to the inside or from one side to the other.

Passages into the Void | 4′-3″ h, 1′-2″ w, 1′-2″ d | Aromatic Red Cedar | Inquire.

Torch Light

Naturally light I found this limb of a large cedar tree in 1976 lying alongside Edgewater Drive between Clearwater and Dunedin, Florida, USA. I began working on it in 1994. The extreme interval of time was spent waiting for my creative talent, tool skills and finishing techniques to equal the challenge of doing justice to …

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