Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone : This Rhododendron root burl so tenaciously cradled that piece of granite, I had no other option when I sculpted the piece than to honor their 30+ year relationship.

Romancing the Stone | 10″ h, 1′-3″ w, 5″ d | Rhododendron & Granite | Inquire.


Enthusiastic expression from Rhododendron This piece is sculpted from a rhododendron root burl that had been bulldozed into a pile of waste wood on a clear-cut logging project in Madison County, N.C. Scheduled to be burned along with others on the pile, I rescued it – and a second gnarled lump from which I ultimately …

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Brain Scan (Self Portrait)

Brain Scan (Self Portrait) : Without a doubt, rhododendron is the hardest, most dense wood I’ve worked with, but, in addition, it is also elastic. If you try to use a wood carving gouge and mallet to remove material, the blade of the gouge bounces back instead of cutting.

Brain Scan (Self Portrait) | 7″ h, 7″ diameter | Rhododendron Root | SOLD