Structured Sculpture

Morph XIV

Morph XIV takes elements from my previous works and becomes a cantilevered, curl-over wood sculpture, as well as a mobius. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it would be part of my inspiration for one of my future glass sculptures, Ode to Morph.

Morph XIV : 1′-4″ h, 10″ w, 6″ d | Black Cherry | Inquire.

Morph XII

Morph XII : One aspect of my designs that I have not discussed much is exemplified in Morph XII. Asymmetry…which I personally define as comfortable unpredictability. It allows walking around this piece, and most of my other work, and seeing different things in the journey.

Morph XII | 1′-6″ h, 10″ w, 6″ d | Black Walnut | SOLD

Morph XI

Morph XI embodies my favorite sweeps and sensuous curves, but it also displays a rather dramatic and extremely stylized human form. In the process, it violates the traditional “Golden Thirds” rule. But my roguish nature likes breaking rules.

Morph XI | 1′-6″ h, 7″ diameter | Bay Laurel | SOLD

Morph X

Morph X : I do love the outcome of the movement and tight undulations. It’s fun to allow your eyes to trace the edge-line along its one, continuous, unbroken curve.

Morph X | 11” h, 7” w, 7”d | Windshake Walnut | Inquire.

Morph VII

Slender, open front curl and up-swept spire makes a real statement for the size of this Black Cherry wood sculpture. I borrowed some lines from two previous sculptures in the Morph Series…but since it’s my work, I do not feel guilty of plagiarism. You decide.

Morph VII | 1’- 2” h, 7” w, 5”d | Black Cherry | Inquire.

Infinity Rising

Infinity Rising : My design intent for this highly figured redwood sculpture was to strike a good balance between positive and negative space. To capture its figurative elements and impart a sense of organic life.

Infinity Rising | 1′-10″ h, 1′-1″ w, 10″ d | Distressed Curly Redwood | Inquire.

Morph VI

Morph VI : The lines, movement and proportions just worked so well together. This was another difficult piece to visualize and execute. A real fun challenge.

Morph VI | 1’- 4” h, 10” w, 6” d | Black Cherry | Inquire.

Morph V

Morph V : I purposely selected a wood whose grain and figure would not strongly distract from my intended design. That’s why I chose the wood I most love – walnut. Solid, straight-grained and unfigured.

Morph V | 10” h, 10” w, 7”d | American Black Walnut | SOLD

Morph III

Morph III : has a maturity that I hope will carry an entire series in wood, because I’m having way too much fun to stop now. I want to see where it takes me.

Morph III | 9” h, 6” diameter | American Black Walnut | SOLD


Morph : Although I’ve often said that I will take my inspiration wherever I can find it, I never expected to find it at a party in a bowl of pot-pourri.

Morph | 1′-0″ h, 8″ diameter | Windshake Walnut | SOLD

Down Force

Down Force : like Up Draft, is also a mobius band – this time 25 feet long and sculpted to counter the skeptics!

Down Force | 1’-10” h, 10” square | Basswood | SOLD


I am humbled to have been commissioned and entrusted with this baptismal font project, blessed with the inspiration for its creation, and rewarded by the response of the donors, ministers and congregation to its grace, power & function.

Gabriella | 3′-2″ h, 2′-4″ w, 2′-6″ d | Russian Hard Maple, American Black Walnut , Hammered Copper Baptismal Bowl | Commissioned


Gaia : This piece attempts to capture the concept of everything as a single living organism, all interconnected & interdependent, and at the same time acknowledges that we are connected to something larger.

Gaia | 3′-2 ” h, 1′-10″ | American Black Walnut | Inquire.