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Sculpted Fractal

Fractal geometry brings us parts that resemble the whole, which resembles the parts.  For example, a head of broccoli. This is my second version of a wood sculpted fractal.

Cherry Twist

My first piece inspired by fractal geometry, was Cherry Twist.

But Vanilla Sky is also a bit of serendipity. For some time, I had thought about creating wall sculptures from stack laminated wood. My thought was that gluing different species and colors of wood on top of each other and then sculpting through them would reveal the lower colors at strategic intervals.

I picked up this piece of Maccacuba wood from a dealer in New Jersey. The color variations here are naturally occurring. I like the effect and think it is worth pursing in the future.

Vanilla Sky
1′-0″ h, 2′-7″ w, 1″ d
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