Womb with a View

Capturing Life

Schumacher Gallery, Capital University, Columbus, OH, invited me to participate in a thematic exhibition entitled “Life Force — Focusing on the presence of spirit in the world around us.” How could I possibly capture its profound nature?

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Womb with a View  |  1′-8″ h, 1′-3″ w, 1′-0″ d | Spalted Maple | Inquire.

Joseph Campbell would say that the best ideas are those that cannot be expressed in words. So I relied on the symbolism of my work and presented a series of images intended to provoke thought and response – Gaia, Updraft, Passages Into the Void, Untitled 01-03, Cross Current, Vanilla Sky – and Womb With a View.




Up Draft







Cross Current


Vanilla Sky


The latter piece evolved from a unique mass of wood that had been in my inventory for many years awaiting the right moment. This was that moment – to represent the miraculous chamber that incubates the marvels of life. In this case, giving rise to the abstract that is life itself.

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