The Creating Process

The Creating Process

My creative process, whether for wood or glass, encompasses my personal growth, my artistic bravado, experimentation, acquired technical skills, ah! ha! moments, dreams, tenacity, mentors, loving support, and a recognized and celebrated connection to a Higher Power.

Here I will share with you some of the step-by-step processes that don’t always unfold sequentially!   Take my Morph Series in wood.  Or my cross-over after 40 years from wood art to glass sculpture – a very unexpected and major process, indeed.  Or the sometimes unexpected and serendipitous outcomes of the glass foundry process.

My ‘Style’ Foundations

The genesis of my work began when I was seven or eight years old. I started to doodle…the interconnected C-curves and S-curves you see in this hand-sketched image. The lines came naturally. They resided in my soul.

And then…in the mid-seventies, as I began to pay attention, I was stunned to discover that I wasn’t alone in my use of C’s and S’s.

My Doodle
  • Greco-Roman

They were all around me. In silverware. In a crocheted Scottish tablecloth. Carvings on chair backs and table legs. Carved moldings. Wrought Iron designs.
As I did research, I learned these sweeping curves had been ubiquitous throughout the Ages and around the world. Greco-Roman. Medieval. The Renaissance. Celtic art. Art Nouveau. Art Deco.

There is something about the movement of these lines and plains that is comfortable and appealing to the psyche. I don’t know if they are my soul-connection to antiquity, but I do know this flowing movement established itself as the very foundation of my art… first in my wall sculptures in wood, like Confluence, and then in my sculptures in-the-round, like Rhapsody, and, from the very beginning, in my glass art, like Second First.

  • Rhapsody