Since 2006, I have been honored to have my work represented at three city venues of this exquisite, exciting, humbling, encouraging and heady international expo of world class artists – Chicago, New York and Santa Fe.  Each year the work has been different, and the event over-the-top special.

So I’d like to share some of each event with you – starting with this year and traveling back to the beginning.

  • From 2011 when my glass sculptures were first represented by Riley Galleries, Cleveland.
  • In 2011 when my glass sculptures made their début and  I had the incredible distinction of being represented by two galleries in two medium — in glass by Riley Galleries and in wood by del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles. I was told it might have been a first in SOFA history.
  • From 2006 through 2010 when my wood art was featured by del Mano Gallery.  And by Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, also at SOFA Chicago in 2006.
SOFA 2011 event
Gaye and I in the Riley Gallery exhibit with two of my glass sculptures.
SOFA expo
Our first SOFA Chicago in 2006. Gaye & I with my piece, Gaia, in the del Mano Gallery exhibit space.

SOFA stories over the years

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