Works In Progress

The lost wax glass sculpture process…

People ask if I sketch design ideas on paper. The answer is, “I can’t draw at all.” I have never been able to convert my 3-D mental images into 2-D pencil drawings.

With all my pieces (whether glass or wood), I’ve always sketched the outlines of the design I “see” in my mind onto the material I will sculpt. The lines are merely guidance.

The creative process continues through rough sculpting. These photos are meant to give you a better idea of my lost wax glass sculpture technique – and a sneak preview of the what’s currently in progress.

My Doodle

Works in Progress

This business is never over! Thank goodness!


Thought it was time to do a horizontal piece. (Only one previously – Levitation) It just seems it wants to become kin with E-RideZest and Entwined. (Seems we have a small series emerging here.)


This piece has a storied past. Back around 2003, I was commissioned to create a memorial baptismal font for a church in Gahanna, Ohio. The design was inspired by the Winged Victory and I named my piece Gabriella.

I always liked the design and thought I would try downsizing it to a hand held size and casting it in glass. Unfortunately, the first attempt failed. The mold blew out during the firing process. Well, I still want this design and sculpted it again. Watch this space!


In keeping with the “winged” theme, the design for Raptor landed on my mind one morning when I woke up. These are the design ideas I feel compelled to execute. The balance of this piece is real challenging. Wish me luck!

In case you are wondering, these three pieces will be part of the Small Treasures group and will be fired in the kiln together. Ah, yes! It may save time and money on the one hand, but it increases risk and my stress level on the other.