In November 2009 following an unexpected conversation at SOFA Chicago with a glass collector, I embarked on a “cross-over” adventure. After having sculpted in wood for forty years, I began creating glass sculptures, casting my work in entirely new and dramatic light!

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Currently available Kiln-Cast glass sculptures, Small Treasures and contemporary wood sculptures

Kiln-casting cleared the way for a purple ribbon-like path through the pale cobalt blue, 1'-9" high glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt.


Pale Cobalt Blue and Purple colors intermingle throughout the sweep and curves of this 1′-9″ tall cast glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt.
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Awakening, re-awakened. Taking a higher than usual risk, I re-sculpted the original version of this finished cast glass piece. Now that it’s completed and …
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Despite the years, my enormous effort and, at times agony, I ask “Where did you come from?” I recognize my newest glass sculpture would not …
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An early-morning wake up vision of intersecting and undulating lines becomes a 13″-high Pollitt glass sculpture that earns the title Entwined. Come see why!
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A county fair roller coaster would envy the twists and banked turns of this Pollitt Small Treasure,aptly named E RIDE

E-Ride learning curves in glass.

Climbing right turns. Tumbling loops. Outside banking descents. It’s a Pollitt Small Treasure called E-Ride. It’s a roller coaster path in kiln cast, fuchsia-colored glass.
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Green Piece,an emerald green Pollitt glass sculpture invites you to travel through the turns and twists of its 1'-2" high x 4" diameter design.

Green Piece

Pollitt Small Treasures is joined by Green Piece, an undulating, sweeping 1′-2″ high x 4″ diameter glass sculpture. Complexity of the design is simplified …
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The rose tone of the Sapphire Rose color delivers a softness to this graceful Pollitt Small Treasure


Dichroic glass is expected to change color in different light. Captiva, a new sculpture by Harry Pollitt, even surprised the artist with its dramatic color …
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Harry Pollitt - Zest glass sculpture


ZEST LEMON YELLOW 12″ H, 4″ Dia. CONTACT HARRY Zest GENESIS Zest was inspired by my first-ever combination wood and glass sculpture, entitled Genesis. The inner section was a wood …
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Harry Pollitt - jade green Pinnacle glass sculpture


Lots of descriptors fit my newest cast glass sculpture…cantilevered, precarious, a challenge, jade green. What it cannot call itself is “meant to be.” …
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Harry Pollitt - cobalt blue Coriolis glass sculpture


In the emerging stages, my first cast glass wall sculpture was a whole new process for me. In wood, a wall sculpture is a …
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Harry Pollitt - Sentinel glass sculpture


I’m continually inspired by re-thinking (and thus always eager to try variations of) my own work. My #27 kiln-cast piece is an open design …
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Harry Pollitt - jade green Classic Moves glass sculpture

Classic Moves

Classic Moves: Complex curves, planes, lines all complementing and in opposition to each other. All are elements of architecture & engineering. And, so, the …
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Oceania, undulating, maple burl sculpture from bark-edge Maple by Harry Pollitt


Oceania: The creative process for this turned and sculpted piece was, not surprisingly, multi-stepped. I began by turning the rough exterior contour on a lathe …
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Chocolate Twist II

Chocolate Twist II : The sense of drama in Chocolate Twist II comes from the contrast between the light colored sapwood and the older, …
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My first glimpse of what would become Charybdis was a tree twisted unlike any I had ever seen. I figured its contorted mass resulted from …
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Morph VII

Slender, open front curl and up-swept spire makes a real statement for the size of this Black Cherry wood sculpture. I borrowed some lines …
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Moab : The more figured a piece of wood is, the simpler the design should be. The two should not be in conflict.Moab | …
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Infinity Rising

Infinity Rising : My design intent for this highly figured redwood sculpture was to strike a good balance between positive and negative space. To capture …
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Morph VI

Morph VI : The lines, movement and proportions just worked so well together. This was another difficult piece to visualize and execute. A real …
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