The Mystery of Motion

Creating Wood Art

Creating wood art … No steaming. No bending.

Part of the joy, adventure & scary nature of creating my wood artwork is “What’s next?” and “How to coax it out?”

I hope you find these basic photos of some of my sculptures “in process” informative. I admit I was more diligent at taking progress photos for some pieces than others, but they are each positioned from stages of raw wood to finished sculpture.

If you have questions, I’d love to hear from you.

A few “befores” and “durings” of finished pieces.

Contacting Harry

I'm mostly here, sometimes there. I get around to galleries, shows and events, SOFA hopefully always, and enough international travel to keep a smile on my face. But you can always reach me! Question? Price Inquiry? Studio Visit? Complete our form.


Whether you are an avid collector of glass or wood ... or just love sculpture, I am pleased you are here. I invite your reactions to and impressions of my work. And, if a piece calls to you, please get in touch.