1′-1″ H x 5-1/2″ Dia.


Creating this piece

Learning curves.

In June 2018 when I completed a concept I had set out to explore during the Artist Residency at Buffalo Creek Art Center, I had two days left. Initially, I intended to just relax a bit and slowly pack my things.

But I woke up in the morning with the vision of intersecting and undulating lines. I rushed to the studio, grabbed a spare wax blank, drew some lines and roughed out the shape of this 13” high piece. I see it as an extension of E-Ride and Zest.

At first, I named the piece Double Back. But as it became more and more complex, as you see, I renamed it Entwined.

A brown, 13" high wax cylinder with first-draft design lines faintly sketched on the surface. Cast glass Stage One.
Not much to see here, Folks.
Sculpted wax hints at future curves and undulations. Negative space penetrations yet to come.
Beginning curves.
Twists, turns and lots of negative space emerge as Pollitt gets closer to a finished design.
Rough design takes shape.