SOFA WEST Santa Fe 2009

Works exhibited by Harry Pollitt at SOFA WEST Santa Fe 2009

This year’s events will include not only SOFA CHICAGO 2009 in early November, but we’ve just participated in a new SOFA venue premiering in my own home town of Santa Fe in June. What an incredible honor to be included among the finest artists, chosen by leading galleries in the world, for these prestigious, quintessential forums of contemporary art objects.

Pictured here, five of my pieces handsomely exhibited by del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles…Charybdis in foreground, on the left side standing tall Passages Into The Void flanked by two smaller cedar pieces sculptured from the same red cedar as Passages, and my wall sculpture, Flug, on the column.

Charybdis is my newest piece and was first featured by del Mano here in Santa Fe.  It will also be at SOFA Chicago in November.


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