Artist in Residency

PHOTOS CREDIT: Buffalo Creek Art Center website.

Pollitt accepts Artist in Residency

Buffalo Creek Art Center, Nevada, June 2018

I am a stay at home kind of guy.  I like my space and my routine.  My studio is a familiar comfort zone. Everything is right there. Just walk in. And pick up where I left off.  Who can’t relate to that?

So when Steve Hardy, owner of Buffalo Creek Art Center in Nevada, contacted me and asked if I might be interested in a Residency in 2018…I asked myself, “Why would I want to do that?”

Then I looked at this website and was blown away.  What a beautiful facility and breathtaking environment near Lake Tahoe.  I graciously accepted the offer and immediately felt the urge to do something new. To push further. To get outside my comfort zone. A new location. A new start. (Gee! I guess that’s what Residency is all about!)

I’m really looking forward to this adventure.  Six weeks, beginning June 1, 2018.  Watch this space. Thanks in advance, Steve.