Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics dynamically showcased Three or so months ago, a designer presented Fluid Dynamics to a client. They loved it. Recently, an incredible, dramatic, dynamic (How else can I express it?) set of images arrived. I am floored, honored and appreciative of the collaboration between designer and collector that enables me to share this showcase

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Pollitt’s unsurpassable Artist Residency at Buffalo Creek

My unsurpassable Artist Residency at Buffalo Creek Art Center in Nevada last summer spoiled me forever! Come take a peek of my six-week home on the 34-acre property snuggled against the Sierra Nevada mountains, squirreled away in comfy accommodations, working uninterrupted in a fabulous sculpture studio. And tell me if you think I did good work.

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Harry Pollitt - Bashert glass sculpture

SOFA 2017

After a successful debut with Adam Blaue Gallery last year, Cheri Discenzo has decided to get the band back together. So below are this year’s Pollitt works that will proudly represent me.  Come to the gallery space —Booth #1120— and see the works… Capricious, Bashert and, my newest piece, What’s Math Got To Do With

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Artist in Residency

PHOTOS CREDIT: Buffalo Creek Art Center website. Pollitt accepts Artist in Residency Buffalo Creek Art Center, Nevada, June 2018 I am a stay at home kind of guy.  I like my space and my routine.  My studio is a familiar comfort zone. Everything is right there. Just walk in. And pick up where I left

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