1′-4″ TALL


Spiral glass sculpture

GP-2, admittedly an unusual name. Also, admittedly, an extremely uncharacteristic endeavor on my part — to so closely shadow Green Piece, one of my completed sculptures. However, the Collectors’ request had modifications. They wanted a 2″-taller version of Green Piece and they wanted it cast in Lime Green, not the original Emerald Green. But the intriguing part of their design idea was that the diameter of 4″ was to remain the same!

Sound simple enough?  Except adding about 17% to the height, without adjusting the diameter proportionally, causes all of the aesthetic elements to be exaggerated. It took a lot of fiddling.  Add some wax…shave it off a little.  Add more wax…but not in that spot. Remove. Repeat. And fiddle some more!

It is always in the details.

But here you see the result.

The Client is delighted.

Quite candidly, I am rather pleased myself.

GP-2 standing next to Green Piece, the Pollitt sculpture after which it was fashioned.
GP-2 “towering” 2″ taller, but at the same, slim 4″ diameter as Green Piece.

Creating this piece

Wax sculpture, glass back from foundry showing its “warts,” doing cold working, and finished piece.