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I am humbled to have been commissioned and entrusted with this baptismal font project, blessed with the inspiration for its creation, and rewarded by the response of the donors, ministers and congregation to its grace, power & function.

Gabriella | 3′-2″ h, 2′-4″ w, 2′-6″ d | Russian Hard Maple, American Black Walnut , Hammered Copper Baptismal Bowl | Commissioned

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Turned and sculpted Cherry Burl Turned, then sculpted in cherry burl, I found the raw piece on a waste pile of a logging project near Boone, NC. The same pile revealed another cherry burl for my future works that I worked into Amphora. IN THE PRIVATE COLLECTION OF GAYE GRAVELY POLLITT The form, as with most

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A distressed curly white oak burl that is left both natural and half sculpted, and partially polished. The result allows a harmony of natural lines, color, grain and defects.

The Phoenix

Bringing new life I found this piece of distressed curly white oak burl being used as a wheel chock underneath a pickup truck on a logging project in Madison County, North Carolina. It was covered with mud and embedded with sand and rocks. Despite its condition, I recognized potential in the wavy lines that were

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Laughing Waters

Microbial Beauty While I was hiking in Hunterdon County, N.J., I spotted this piece of spalted maple on the forest floor. Spalting results in a trail of carbon left when microbial action begins the decaying process in many woods, especially maples. It appears as black or brown lines or patches. Spalted woods have long been

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Wind Drift

Negative strength My aim with Wind Drift was to limit size and, therefore, the amount of action. I wanted to concentrate on a smaller space and intensify the visual impact of only a few innate natural elements. I like the effect and feel a good sense of action and drama. I incorporated a higher percentage than is

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Desert Bloom

Flowing out of the desert The wood for this piece comes from the stump of an unknown species of ornamental tree/bush that a friend gave me from his property in Clearwater, FL. Areas of the sculpture have purple hues. This a relatively uncommon result of mineral deposits in the soil. The three arms emanate from

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Gaia : This piece attempts to capture the concept of everything as a single living organism, all interconnected & interdependent, and at the same time acknowledges that we are connected to something larger.

Gaia | 3′-2 ” h, 1′-10″ | American Black Walnut | Inquire.

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Wind Swept

A re-birth Hiking near Ken Lockwood Gorge in Hunterdon County, N.J., I found this piece of tulip poplar that had been bent over significantly by a small tree that had fallen across it. Wind action on the two trees caused continual diagonal abrasion. Simultaneously, the poplar’s attempts to grow and heal itself produced both the

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Cliff Dwelling

The deep penetrations and shelves of this burl wood sculpture are my abstract interpretation of the cliff dwellings created by the American Southwest Anasazi Indians. Come see how well you think I did.
Cliff Dwelling | 1′-4″ h, 1’-7” w, 12″ diameter | Apple Stump Burl | Private Collection of Harry Pollitt

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