Escher Tide

In honor of Escher

Do you know the work of M. C. Escher? The artist who drew so many wonderful brain teasers — where ramps, stairs and ladders ran both up and down at the same time depending on where you focused your eyes?

This wall sculpture is named in his honor and sculpted with the intention of capturing the essence of Escher’s work in three dimensions. Have fun with it!

As for the wood, Sisso, I acquired it from a wood dealer in central Ohio who had species from all over the world and also had plots in tree farms in Brazil.  Sisso is native to Florida, where I lived for 13 years and still had no knowledge of it.  I selected it for this piece because of its high degree of figure and color.  While working it, there was a faint aroma of camphor, and I suspect it is from that family.


2’-4” H, 1’-0” W, 2” Dia.