The Phoenix

Bringing new life

I found this piece of distressed curly white oak burl being used as a wheel chock underneath a pickup truck on a logging project in Madison County, North Carolina. It was covered with mud and embedded with sand and rocks.

Despite its condition, I recognized potential in the wavy lines that were exposed on the surface. I found a rock and exchanged it for the wood lodged under the tire.

The Phoenix became a vehicle for me to fully convey my approach to art. There are areas that are left natural, areas half sculpted and surface polished, and areas fully sculpted and polished. This treatment allows you to see what I look for in natural lines, color, grain patterns, defects, etc. My part is to bring all the elements into harmony, blending my artistic style with Nature’s sculpture.

The name of this piece, The Phoenix, reflects what I endeavor to do with all my work — bring new life into objects that have ended their first incarnation.


1’-4” H, 6″ W