Holsten Galleries

Pollitt joins Holsten Galleries…

My experience since crossing over to glass sculpture in 2010 has been quite extraordinary. The reception by collectors and galleries is truly heartwarming. The collectors that added Levitation to their breathtaking collection introduced me to Kenn Holsten Galleries. Kenn, who now lives in Santa Fe, is a private glass art dealer and consultant, having operated his gallery in Stockbridge, MA, for 31 years and a second gallery in Palm Beach, FL

We had lunch and Kenn visited our home and my studio. He was so enthusiastic about my work that he extended an invitation to me to join his world-class virtual, contemporary glass sculpture gallery on the web. I was the first artist in almost 3 years to receive that offer! I couldn’t resist joining his impressive family of artists.


I should explain my reluctance to accept Ken’s generous invitation. It stemmed solely from the fact that I am a low production artist and I have a keen sense of loyalty to supporting those to whom I’ve made a commitment. So it was understood that I would only be able to give Kenn an occasional piece.

We started with Mythic Fire and Kenn sold it to a first-time glass collector in Montréal within three weeks. You can’t beat success and the relationship continues, although I must admit that my show schedule this year leaves me owing Holsten a new piece very soon.