Pollitt glass sculptures at Winterowd Fine Art

Pollitt glass sculptures debut at Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe

Four of my glass sculptures are included in an invitational show, Sculptural Forms in Glass, at Winterowd Fine Art.  The opening is this Sunday, June 1, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at 701 Canyon Road, Santa Fe.

I’m extremely pleased to be included in this show.  Two of the newest Pollitt glass sculptures, Sentinel and Mariah, are making their debut into the glass art world.  And the other two pieces,  Cascade and Midnight Moves, recently returned from their “engagement” in London at Plateaux Gallery.  The group show was curated by owner Karla Winterowd.  It will also feature glass artists Alex Bernstein, Karen Bexfield, Kay Hamilton, Cia Thorne and Peter Wright.  That’s pretty grand company!

Our creative styles and pieces are all very different which makes the show especially interesting – and educational for everyone.  Art enthusiasts who may or may not be glass collectors, but who love sculptural forms, will have a unique opportunity to see the versatility of art glass.  The artists will enjoy seeing each others’ work and trading tips and techniques.  (I know this because we’ve already begun to do it as the show has been evolving.)  And we look forward to spending more than usual quality time with Karla Winterowd and her knowledgeable, energetic staff.

UPDATE…Here’s a photo from Opening Night.

Harry Pollitt and the four other artists featured by Winterowd in Sculptural Forms in Glass
The Artists there on Opening Night. Right to left: Peter Wright, Kay Hamilton, Cia Thorne, Karen Bexfield and me.