Collected Glass

The greatest compliment
is to be collected!

There is no greater compliment to my work and my endeavors than glass collectors deciding to add one of my sculptures to their prized assemblage.  Whether they are a first-time or a long-time collector of contemporary glass art, for them to love and appreciate my work enough that they want to bring it home and live with it — well, it is the completion of my artistic cycle.

Collected Kiln-Cast Glass Sculptures

Harry Pollitt - light blue Capricious glass sculpture


It’s an oxymoron – this movement-driven glass sculpture created in vaporous cobalt blue by Harry…


Cascade: Remember Orangesicles from your childhood? I was trying to capture the feeling of…
Harry Pollitt - cobalt blue Enigma glass sculpture


Some months back, I stumbled upon a long forgotten, unfinished wood sculpture. I had…


An early-morning wake up vision of intersecting and undulating lines becomes a 13″-high Pollitt glass…
Harry Pollitt - pale copper blue Escape Velocity glass sculpture

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity : I say if I’m not a little bit scared, I’m not…

Event Horizon

This glass piece was a fun project because it was my first “design as you…
A pale cooper blue glass sculpture joins the Pollitt Small Treasures ensemble.


Gentle curves in pale copper blue glass twist unexpectedly – and thus define sculptor Harry…
Kiln-casting cleared the way for a purple ribbon-like path through the pale cobalt blue, 1'-9" high glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt.


Pale Cobalt Blue and Purple colors intermingle throughout the sweep and curves of this 1′-9″…
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