Collected Glass

The greatest compliment
is to be collected!

There is no greater compliment to my work and my endeavors than glass collectors deciding to add one of my sculptures to their prized assemblage.  Whether they are a first-time or a long-time collector of contemporary glass art, for them to love and appreciate my work enough that they want to bring it home and live with it — well, it is the completion of my artistic cycle.

Collected Kiln-Cast Glass Sculptures

Harry Pollitt - orange red Fluid Dynamics glass sculpture

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics: Over a year in the making and a real envelope-pusher for the foundry. Given degree of difficulty, this piece may reach …


Signed and delivered. Wood and glass sculpture commission is named GENESIS. Pollitt creates a nested, kiln cast glass & maple burl sculpture from …
GP-2, a commissioned kiln cast glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt.


A spiral cast glass sculpture with a quizzical name, GP-2 is a commission piece with a challenging request from the Collector. Progress images included.


When this sculpture was still in wax form and nearly finished, collectors stopped by the studio. They fell in love with the horizontal layout and …


Limoncelli: This is the first time I used the color called Citrine (a color not likely found on my personal palette), but I am delighted …
Designed as though wind billows its kiln-cast glass sails, this is an apricot-colored Pollitt Small Treasure sculpture.

Mainsail glass billows in the wind.

As though billowed by the wind, Mainsail races to join Pollitt Small Treasures ensemble. An apricot-colored glass sculpture, the “mast” reaches 1′-2” high, with …
Harry Pollitt glass sculpture - Mariah


Mariah: I thought it was time to actually try my hand at the evocative, sensual and organic Art Nouveau period. To see what …

Midnight Moves

Midnight Moves: The most difficult sculptural glass I’ve completed to date. And the most difficult to cast. And yet, the degree of difficulty …
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