SOFA Chicago 2006

Our first SOFA Chicago in 2006. Gaye & I with my piece, Gaia, in the del Mano Gallery exhibit space.

SOFA Chicago 2006 was the largest SOFA event yet staged to date — with 99 international galleries from 16 countries, a record Opening Night crowd of 3200 (where Gaye & I toasted the evening with champagne all decked out in our Santa Fe finery), and the largest ever public attendance over the entire Expo, estimated at 33,000.

The scene was incredibly exciting with its personal dynamics and sophisticated art savvy public. The reception for my work was extremely positive and I came away feeling energized, fulfilled and challenged.

SOFA 2006 was an energizing chain of events for me.

I was represented by three prestigious entities:

  • Collectors of Wood Art
  • del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles
  • Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, Santa Fe

First …

Updraft at SOFA 2006

Up Draft, was curated by Harold B. Nelson, Director, Long Beach Museum of Art, CA, to be included in a thematic Special Exhibit, THE PRESENCE OF ABSENCE, Contemplating the Void in Contemporary Wood Sculpture, presented by Collectors of Wood Art (CWA).

Up Draft

Next …


del Mano Gallery of Los Angeles agreed to be my representative for the CWA Presence of Absence, as well as presenting two additional pieces of my work in their SOFA space – Gaia and Down Force.  As a result of del Mano’s exhibition, a collector commissioned me to create a piece.


And then …


Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, who represented my work on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, also participated at SOFA Chicago, and included three of my pieces — Flug, the wall hanging, and two pedestal sculptures, New Wave and  Splash Dance, both of which they sold.



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