An unexpected encounter at SOFA Chicago 2009 ultimately leads to my cross-over from wood art to sculptural glass

first-bornOn Saturday night in Chicago, a glass collector “crossed over” and purchased his first wood sculpture. I’m honored that my cedar sculpture, First Born, was his choice.

A very unexpected outcome was that within two months, I, too, “crossed over” and began working in sculptural cast glass with the encouragement of this collector.

sofa-2009-2But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Opening Night of SOFA was a grand opportunity for Gaye and I to celebrate the Chicago unveiling of my newest major sculpture, Charybdis, which had made its original debut earlier in the year at SOFA WEST Santa Fe.

sofa-2009-3A special treat during SOFA was a visit by Tori, my daughter, and her husband Marc. It’s wonderful to have such loving groupies!

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