Morph XII

Comfortable unpredictability

I have spoken about a number of elements in my piece descriptions such as C and S curves, line, plane, balance, positive and negative space, flow, undulation, etc.

One aspect I have not covered and is exemplified in Morph XII is asymmetry which I personally define as comfortable unpredictability. Absolute symmetry is something I tried once. It was exceedingly difficult to do well and, once done, it seemed to me to be flat, unimaginative, too technical. Yeh, that’s it – technical excellence for its own sake…predictable.

I think asymmetry more engages the mind of the viewer. I think Morph XII is a perfect example of my own passion. When I design a piece and later look at it, I enjoy walking around it and seeing different things in the journey. Each perspective or profile offers a new experience. And so by turning a piece, it gives me – and the collector or viewer – multiple pieces in one.


1′-6″ H, 10″ W, 6″ Dia.