First Born

First in Santa Fe


First, a word of explanation about my process. When I get to the point of “rough sculpting” (that point where the piece is fully identified or roughed out), the fun of exploration is over. The not-so-much-fun part of refining the form and sanding is left. It takes discipline, a loathed word!

Which explains how First Born and Split Personality, my two “test bed” pieces for Passages Into the Void, were set aside for almost four years.

Once I had gotten my initial design ideas, Passages became my prime focus and my distraction. Several years later when looking around for my “next” piece, both First and Split caught my eye.

Split Personality

Since I had free time during the construction of my new studio here in Santa Fe, I sat and sanded while the building was taking shape. First Born was named as the first piece finished in my new studio.


1’-11”H, 7” Dia.