SOFA NEW YORK 2007 … was my New York City art debut. I must admit, it was pretty exciting, humbling, encouraging and heady — all wrapped up into one gala opening and 3 days of a non-stop energy zap!


I received genuine interest and high compliments from numerous collectors who were seeing my work for the first time, as well as from several individuals I had met at SOFA Chicago last year.

Gracious thanks for the continued support of Jan Peters and Ray Leier of del Mano Gallery and their staff.


up-draft-2th_down-forceHere are two pieces del Mano selected for New York. Up Draft was purchased 12 months after the show by collectors who first saw the piece in Chicago & were “haunted” by it. Two months later, the same collectors purchased Down Force.

Three of my pieces were presented by del Mano Gallery….

split-personality-1Passages Into the VoidFirst Born by Harry Pollitt

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