Morph III


I’ve just subtitled Morph III as “Gotcha” because I subconsciously captured something I have been seeking in my work for a very long time.

Morphed maturity

While it built off its two predecessors, the differences in Morph III resonate within me.

Yes, it has the “ribbonesque” feel of the first two pieces, but…the interconnectedness, the flow, the negative space, the twists and turns seem to have come into their own.  They have  “morphed” into a maturity that I hope will carry an entire series in wood, because I’m having way too much fun to stop now.  I want to see where it takes me.

P.S. What I didn’t know then was that this piece would also provide me with a design confidence to cross-over into my glass sculpture.
Harry 2010


9” H, 6” Dia.


Creating this piece