Oceania, undulating, maple burl sculpture from bark-edge Maple by Harry Pollitt


Oceania: The creative process for this turned and sculpted piece was, not surprisingly, multi-stepped. I began by turning the rough exterior contour on a lathe and then drilling a 1 ¼” diameter hole into the top center.

Oceania | 5″ h, 8″ diameter | Bark-edge Maple Burl | Inquire.


Trapeze : Designing Trapeze was as much presenting Nature’s inherent beauty as it was my melding with it. Hanging as a wall sculpture, the piece is oriented as the trees stood, lower trunk at bottom, upper limbs spreading at top.

Trapeze | 18″h, 14″w, 3″d | Crotch Burl Walnut | Wall Sculpture | Inquire.


Moab : The more figured a piece of wood is, the simpler the design should be. The two should not be in conflict.

Moab | 2′-0″ h, 1′-4″ w, 10″ d | Bay Laurel Burl | Inquire.

Pompeii and Raven’s Peace

Pompeii : The shape of the “blank” and the character of the wood significantly dictated its final form. I burned nothing. The piece accomplished that dark-edged affect all on its own.

Pompeii | 1′-1″ h, 6″ diameter | Distressed White Oak Burl | Inquire.


Ra : Ancient vessels that were produced around the Mediterranean rim especially captivate me.

Ra | 11″ h, 7″ diameter | Maple Burl | Inquire.


Turned and sculpted Cherry Burl Turned, then sculpted in cherry burl, I found the raw piece on a waste pile of a logging project near Boone, NC. The same pile revealed another cherry burl for my future works that I worked into Amphora. IN THE PRIVATE COLLECTION OF GAYE GRAVELY POLLITT The form, as with most …

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Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone : This Rhododendron root burl so tenaciously cradled that piece of granite, I had no other option when I sculpted the piece than to honor their 30+ year relationship.

Romancing the Stone | 10″ h, 1′-3″ w, 5″ d | Rhododendron & Granite | Inquire.

A distressed curly white oak burl that is left both natural and half sculpted, and partially polished. The result allows a harmony of natural lines, color, grain and defects.

The Phoenix

Bringing new life I found this piece of distressed curly white oak burl being used as a wheel chock underneath a pickup truck on a logging project in Madison County, North Carolina. It was covered with mud and embedded with sand and rocks. Despite its condition, I recognized potential in the wavy lines that were …

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Splash Dance

Splash Dance : For an amorphous mass of maple burl, the question “Should I be a lathe-turned bowl or a sculpture?” remained unanswered for 15 years. Finally, the answer became “Yes.”

Splash Dance | 1’-7”h, 1’-3”w, 1’-0”d | Maple Stump Burl | SOLD

Cliff Dwelling

The deep penetrations and shelves of this burl wood sculpture are my abstract interpretation of the cliff dwellings created by the American Southwest Anasazi Indians. Come see how well you think I did.
Cliff Dwelling | 1′-4″ h, 1’-7” w, 12″ diameter | Apple Stump Burl | Private Collection of Harry Pollitt


Enthusiastic expression from Rhododendron This piece is sculpted from a rhododendron root burl that had been bulldozed into a pile of waste wood on a clear-cut logging project in Madison County, N.C. Scheduled to be burned along with others on the pile, I rescued it – and a second gnarled lump from which I ultimately …

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Brain Scan (Self Portrait)

Brain Scan (Self Portrait) : Without a doubt, rhododendron is the hardest, most dense wood I’ve worked with, but, in addition, it is also elastic. If you try to use a wood carving gouge and mallet to remove material, the blade of the gouge bounces back instead of cutting.

Brain Scan (Self Portrait) | 7″ h, 7″ diameter | Rhododendron Root | SOLD

The Tortoise

Mole to tortoise? This piece of red oak burl was found on a judge’s property in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Burl wood is the tree’s version of the human mole. They cause no harm to the tree and can also be removed without harm. After debarking the burl with dental picks and wire brush, I …

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