Turned & Sculpted

Oceania, undulating, maple burl sculpture from bark-edge Maple by Harry Pollitt


Oceania: The creative process for this turned and sculpted piece was, not surprisingly, multi-stepped. I began by turning the rough exterior contour on a lathe and then drilling a 1 ¼” diameter hole into the top center.

Oceania | 5″ h, 8″ diameter | Bark-edge Maple Burl | Inquire.

Chocolate Twist II

Chocolate Twist II : The sense of drama in Chocolate Twist II comes from the contrast between the light colored sapwood and the older, darker interior of the tree.

Chocolate Twist II | 8″ h, 13″ diameter | Spalted Black Walnut | Inquire.

Chocolate Twist

Chocolate Twist : The execution of Chocolate Twist and Chocolate Twist II proved an immense challenge. How to get inside and around and then sand it? Well, I don’t advise trying this at home.

Chocolate Twist | 9″ h, 12″ diameter | Spalted Black Walnut | Inquire.

Pompeii and Raven’s Peace

Pompeii : The shape of the “blank” and the character of the wood significantly dictated its final form. I burned nothing. The piece accomplished that dark-edged affect all on its own.

Pompeii | 1′-1″ h, 6″ diameter | Distressed White Oak Burl | Inquire.


Ra : Ancient vessels that were produced around the Mediterranean rim especially captivate me.

Ra | 11″ h, 7″ diameter | Maple Burl | Inquire.


Turned and sculpted Cherry Burl Turned, then sculpted in cherry burl, I found the raw piece on a waste pile of a logging project near Boone, NC. The same pile revealed another cherry burl for my future works that I worked into Amphora. IN THE PRIVATE COLLECTION OF GAYE GRAVELY POLLITT The form, as with most …

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The Tortoise

Mole to tortoise? This piece of red oak burl was found on a judge’s property in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Burl wood is the tree’s version of the human mole. They cause no harm to the tree and can also be removed without harm. After debarking the burl with dental picks and wire brush, I …

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