Chocolate Twist

This is Chocolate Twist.

There is also Chocolate Twist II. Both are the result of this question I asked myself…what would happen if I took the design motif of Both Sides Now and made it into a vessel form? That was my jumping off point.

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Chocolate Twist  |  9″ h, 12″ diameter | Spalted Black Walnut | Inquire.
Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now

Plus, I had the idea of a piece with more negative space than positive.

So, I turned two vessels of different sizes and proportions, hollowed the centers and left the wall thicknesses at 1″. Next, I sketched the outline of the structure, cut out the holes, and then free-form created the design.

The execution of these pieces proved an immense challenge. How to get inside and around and then sand it? Well, I don’t advise trying this at home.

Chocolate Twist II

Chocolate Twist II

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