Traver hosts Pollitt Reception

Traver Gallery Pollitt event was grand

Where to start?  I guess with the work …because the Traver Gallery Pollitt Event was about the work.

Traver Gallery Pollitt reception displays 7 abstract glass sculptures and 1 wood sculpture

On the other hand, it was about the people who have made my entrance into studio glass sculpture the most amazing adventure in my career and who staged the Traver Gallery Pollitt Reception.  Pictured on left is Sarah Traver, President of Traver Gallery and Bill’s daughter.  Bill and Sarah were the first to show my glass art, a critical and influential role that the Travers have played in countless glass artists’ careers.  Speaking with Sarah is Ted Lagreid (referred elsewhere on this site and often by me as “the man named Ted”) whose vision in September 2009 for my work in glass brought me to this time and place…literally and figuratively. 

Ted’s wonderful wife, Melissa Lagreid, has certainly partnered with him in encouraging and supporting my work.  She is speaking with my wife, Gaye, in the right-side photo.  And speaking of support and encouragement, I want to acknowledge  my business manager, my webmistress, my best friend and wife, all happily for me the same woman.  What I do would not be possible without Gaye.  And if it were, it certainly would not be nearly as much fun!

There’s an aside I cannot resist.  During the reception, several people said to me, “Harry, you’re in good company tonight,” referring to LINO – the beloved, extraordinary maestro of international studio glass art, Lino Tagliapietra, whose exhibition at Traver Gallery will run until November 3, 2013.

A closer look at my work for the Traver event

If I may, I’d like to give you a closer look at my work at Traver.  When you click on a thumbnail below, arranged in the order of the display, a larger image of the piece will appear.