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SOFA Chicago 2011

Two years ago at SOFA Chicago 2009, I was enticed into the kiln cast glass sculpture world by a glass collector who “saw” my wood sculptures in a medium totally unknown to me at the time. I call it my “cross-over moment.” This year at SOFA Chicago both my glass sculptures and wood art are represented.

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SOFA Chicago 2010

2010 SOFA Chicago. Our fifth consecutive year with del Mano The excitement, honor and privilege never wane.  Once again I was very pleased to be invited by del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, to exhibit works with them at SOFA Chicago 2010.  Gaye and I had our usual good time…can you tell? Adding to the festivities on

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SOFA Chicago 2009

An unexpected encounter at SOFA Chicago 2009 ultimately leads to my cross-over from wood art to sculptural glass On Saturday night in Chicago, a glass collector “crossed over” and purchased his first wood sculpture. I’m honored that my cedar sculpture, First Born, was his choice. A very unexpected outcome was that within two months, I,

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SOFA WEST Santa Fe 2009

This year’s events will include not only SOFA CHICAGO 2009 in early November, but we’ve just participated in a new SOFA venue premiering in my own home town of Santa Fe in June. What an incredible honor to be included among the finest artists, chosen by leading galleries in the world, for these prestigious, quintessential

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SOFA New York 2007

SOFA NEW YORK 2007 … was my New York City art debut. I must admit, it was pretty exciting, humbling, encouraging and heady — all wrapped up into one gala opening and 3 days of a non-stop energy zap! I received genuine interest and high compliments from numerous collectors who were seeing my work for

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SOFA Chicago 2006

SOFA Chicago 2006 was the largest SOFA event yet staged to date — with 99 international galleries from 16 countries, a record Opening Night crowd of 3200 (where Gaye & I toasted the evening with champagne all decked out in our Santa Fe finery), and the largest ever public attendance over the entire Expo, estimated

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