A fruitful 2012

This year of 2012 has been busy and fruitful for my glass sculptures.  It began with the sale of Levitation. I completed Red Shift (#15), Limoncelli (#16) and Mythic Fire (#17). My #18 piece just come out of the kiln, #19 & #20 are at this moment en route to the foundry, and the wax form for #21 is in process.


And August was a banner month!  Three sales – Event Horizon by Riley Galleries, Mythic Fire by Holsten Galleries, and Brain Scan by me to my glass mentor.  More about how a wood sculpture joins a glass collection here.

Many Thanks

I feel a need to express my gratitude to all those who have been so supportive and influential in my entrance into studio glass art. It has been an amazingly wonderful experience. Reception from galleries and collectors is truly heartwarming. I am thoroughly enjoying the work and greater freedom of expression. Mostly I am grateful for my best friend and wife, Gaye, who has been so supportive for so many years. She has been my muse, my best critic, my business manager and my Webmistress. Thank you, All.