Brain Scan joins glass collection

Wooden Brain in Glass Collection?

As you can see Brain Scan is a wood sculpture. But it has just joined a very distinguished glass collection.

Actually, it is the collectors who got me started in glass who have just added Brain Scan to their Pollitt wood collection.


First Born

They purchased First Born, their first-ever wood art piece, at SOFA Chicago 2009 – where it all began!

This acquisition is a very special honor for me because not only did “the man named Ted” (as I often refer to him) plant the seed for my cross-over to glass art, but Ted and his wife, Melissa, have both been extraordinarily generous in their presentation of my work to other collectors, as well as influential in getting me representation with Traver Gallery, Seattle, my first glass gallery.


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UPDATE April 2013: Additionally, I am certain Ted played a huge role in my Featured Artist event with Traver upcoming in September 2013.  (Update September 2013 – Read All About It here.)

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