Blue Tango dances into spotlight of Cleveland glass art collectors

Cleveland glass art collectors take Blue Tango home

We were delighted to receive this photo of Blue Tango in her new home.  It’s as if she danced into this splendid spotlight and was captivated and captured.  Our sincere appreciation to the Cleveland glass art collectors who loved my spiral glass sculpture enough to take it home, display it so dramatically and share this image with us.  And a huge thanks to Tom Riley and his staff in Cleveland at Thomas R. Riley Galleries for bringing about the sale.

If you’d like, click here to see two full-size images of Blue Tango and read a complete description of her creation process.  Accompanying the description, as with most of my work detail-pages, are progress photos  — from the “blank” wax cylinder…to the finished wax sculpture…through the glass returned from the foundry…and, finally, to this finished piece.