Traver unveils New Work

The Fantastic Four

Four of my newest glass sculptures will be exhibited for the first time at a Traver Gallery event in Seattle next month…Fluid Dynamics, Escape Velocity, Ode to Morph and Splash. In all, Traver will show seven of my works that evening, Wednesday, September 18, 2013 (see details below). The Gallery is hosting the event to personally introduce me and the work to one of the most exciting studio glass art communities in the country.

In their order of creation – newest first – here are the seven pieces to be featured.  And, yes, you’ve a keen eye…the 5th piece, Morph VI, is a wood sculpture, invited to the evening’s festivities as the inspiration for Ode to Morph.  The work will remain at Traver, so if you’re unable to join us on the 18th, we invite you to visit the gallery whenever you’re in Seattle.

(Fluid Dynamics – the last image shown above – is a story unto itself.  For “the rest of the story,” you’re invited to click here.)

September 18

In 2010 Bill and Sarah Traver accepted me into their long-time-respected gallery – the first stage for my new adventure into the studio glass art community. (The beginning of our story together is told here.)

Bill and Sarah Traver

This event on September 18 holds a great deal of honor and importance to me. The further demonstration by the Gallery of their confidence in my work and my commitment to my art motivates me even further to continue pushing the envelope of my work. Instrumental, also, in facilitating the evening — not to mention my entire adventure into glass sculpture — is Ted Lagreid and his wife Melissa.

There are not enough “thanks” to be given to my back-then-mentor and my now-lovely-friends. (Part of our story is here.)

If you can attend … Gaye and I look forward to seeing you.

Harry Pollitt Event
Wednesday September 18, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.
Traver Gallery
110 Union St #200
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 587-6501