Blue Tango

Spiral glass sculpture

Blue Tango, a spiral glass sculpture, is my largest glass piece to date at 2′-2″ tall.

Side on image of Harry Pollitt's Blue Tango, a spiral glass sculpture, and his largest to date
Side on image of Harry Pollitt's Blue Tango, a Cobalt blue glass sculpture, his largest to

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Blue Tango  |  2′-2″ tall | Kiln cast crystal, Cobalt Blue | SOLD by Thomas R. Riley Galleries

Open, dynamic and helical

The basic movement of this piece was roughly fixed in my mind before even casting the wax. It needed to be tall and slender with open dynamic upward movement. With balanced positive and negative space and asymmetry. During layout, I envisioned a schematic representation of dance. Convey a male and female figure. He (the taller side) makes a 360 degree turn and the shorter (female) side does a sweeping kick.

Technically speaking, the top and bottom of the piece were going to be very strong but the center of the piece is a critical structural element and I had to project my vision through 5 to 6 inches of solid mass, make a strong intersection and then get the two sides to flow well without kinks or flat spots.

The second most difficult vision was to get the helical side to spiral a complete turn without distortions. It probably doesn’t look that hard when viewing the final piece. You will just have to take my word on this. Projecting the movement of a 4″ wide ribbon that is 6″ away through solid brown wax makes you wish you had x-ray vision.

Creating BLUE TANGO … wax sculpture, glass from foundry, finished work

Solid wax cylinder with initial design lines in chalk as Stage 1 in creating a glass sculpture, eventually named Blue Tango Stage 2 image showing Blue Tango as partially sculpted wax form, in process of becoming a glass sculpture Stage 3 is a finely finished wax form in preparation for the foundry stage of creating the Blue Tango glass sculpture On its way to becoming a finsihed, spiral glass sculpture, Stage 4 shows the resulting rough glass from the foundry, created from a mold of the wax sculpture. Stage 5 image shows the finished Pollitt piece, Blue Tango, a spiral glass sculpture cast in Cobalt blue.

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